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B2B Services Firm, Specializing in 360 services such as branding,coaching\consulting, All level area employee development, executive & administrative management, HR services,

ROI & all level areas of marketing, web-hosting & design.

For all those who'd love to acquire the gift of Music, We are also providing Music Direction in theory,piano, and brass Instruction services  and much, much more...


Let MAR-S360 help you graft and set your pre-set package solution leading to your resolution 360 style....

MAR-S360 is Located in

The Village of EL Portal-Miami Shores, Florida




The Village of EL Portal-Miami Shores, Florida,

MAR-S360 is business to business service firm that specializes in offering business consulting, coaching, executive and + More


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Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions,Inc. (MAR-S360) company mission is to become the recognized leader in its targeted market for small and medium sized business consulting services.

 To always serve small business clients that are in need of logistical, technical, and business strategy services. All projects will be chosen based on the availability of human resources, and each individual employee will be given the respect of a contract worker, and will share in profits for each job. Politics have no place at what so ever at MAR-S360, and to limit the affects of favoritism, the company will implement and clearly communicate a performance review policy that applies to those at the bottom as well as the top of the leadership ladder. Credit will be given to the person who performed and/or innovative modified projects, and compensation will be both financial and in the form of commendation.


MAR-S360 is a company that respects the needs and expectations of its employees and clients alike. If either is compromised, adjustments will be made so that the company culture may remain intact. MAR-S360 is committed to honesty, ethics and integrity. MAR-S360 has a proven track record of success in identifying, evaluating and providing the most qualified services available to it’s clientele for all positions within the industry.


MAR-S360 is dedicated to assisting clients in achieving desired top- and bottom-line results through the development and implementation of pragmatic, market-relevant solutions.






Discover how to quickly create a culture of effective communication, leadership,

accountability and new business development strategies.



Here at Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions (MAR-S360) We know from speaking with other CEOs

and entrepreneurs that many, if not all, are concerned about the current turbulent

economic times. And while this may seem to be a blinding grasp of the obvious,

what isn’t as apparent is exactly what they are doing about it. It’s been our experience

that most corporations are quite good practicing their traditional ways of doing

things. But when it comes to adapting to the current times, which are anything

but traditional, they falter.

This shows up as a culture that rejects change and breads dysfunctional executive

teams. All of which have a stifling effect upon the rest of the organization. When it

comes to smaller groups, most entrepreneurs are good at expanding relationships

with existing clients. It’s when the challenge of winning the business of a new client,

where no previous relationship exists, that many struggle.

Granted, we live in a time of uncertainty, where we must make a

very important choice every single day. The choice is: Do we allow the current headlines

to force us into a SHELL of our own doing, or do we start planning for the inevitable

recovery, the boom that lies just beyond the horizon. This is a choice that

businesses and individuals everywhere are facing, and many are making the wrong

decisions But not you. Not anymore.

You’ve arrived here at MAR-S360 because you’re ready to embark upon a business and

lifestyle philosophy based on optimism and Possibility and the success you’ve been

longing for.

At Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, inc. we harness that optimism and create a

fire of momentum that starts with the spark of ingenuity and desire that lies within

all forward-thinking professionals. Whether you’re an individual in transition, a

small business with a handful of staff, or a corporate CEO with hundreds of employees,

we have the solutions to help you get from Point A to Point B with far greater

ease than you may think.

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Winning Leadership

Better Return on Your Business Benefit Investments….

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Your Solution brought to Resolution 360

Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc. (MAR-S360)
Memorable Approach Reaching Success 360style
Located in;
Miami Shores, FL - Florida 33138-2847
1.305.260.6137 (fax)
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B2B's the #1 one spot solutions services firm in South Florida.

MAR-S360’s plans are to Help sm/med Business grow to their full potential whatever the issue:

At Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc. ( MAR-S360) Businesses can discover how to quickly create a culture of effective communication, leadership, accountability and new business development strategies. Whether It's an individual in transition, a Small/Medium business with a handful of staff, or a corporate CEO with hundreds of employees, we have the solutions to help our clientele get from Point A to Point B 360 style with far greater ease than they may think. So,We'd like businesses to come and explore their possibilities. To, Experience all the options before you and discover for themselves all the ways that MAR-S360 can propel and out of solution obtain a resolution Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for their organization’s resolve-360 

Become an Unbeatable Force Agains't Competetors

Memorable Approach Reaching Success-360 Style!!!

MAR-S360 your B2B #1 one Stop Solutions Services  Firm
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