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Briefly, MAR-S360’s plans are to Help sm/med Business grow to their full potential whatever the issue:

At Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc. ( MAR-S360) Businesses can discover how to quickly create a culture of effective communication, leadership, accountability and new business development strategies. Whether It's an individual in transition, a Small/Medium business with a handful of staff, or a corporate CEO with hundreds of employees, we have the solutions to help our clientele get from Point A to Point B 360 style with far greater ease than they may think. So,We'd like businesses to come and explore their possibilities. To, Experience all the options before you and discover for themselves all the ways that MAR-S360 can propel and out of solution obtain a resolution Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for their organization’s resolve-360 

Memorable Approach Reaching Success-360 Style!!!


At Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc.( MAR-S360) we are here to help you embark upon a business and lifestyle philosophy, not just to struggle combing the two but to harness optimism and possibility, converting energy to success, targeting and reaching those goals that you’ve bee focusing upon.  

We will ignite a fire of momentum, starting with just the  spark of ingenuity, fuelled with the desire that lies within.

We have a broad and vast range of B2B services to suit all forward-thinking professionals, no matter whether you’re an individual sole trader or a small business with a handful of staff as well as a corporate CEO with hundreds of employees, we have the solutions to help you get from Point A to Point B with far greater ease than you may think.

Here is a sample of our services.

They are not comprehensive listings, just snippets of the full description to provide a brief indication what we do and how well we do it.

Our aim is to put you and your business on track, so please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your requirements and explore the avenues in which we can assist you.

HR services

Human resources primarily deals with employees. Any successful business needs to provide their employees with a comfortable and safe environment, HR isn't just about ensuring your staff they are paid, it is crucially important that they are paid the correct amount, on time and also provided with their entitled benefits. 

When employees feel that their working environment is comfortable and they are treated with the respect they deserve, their enthusiasm is contagious, flowing through to customers and clients, effectively bringing more money into the business. This is important in any commercial setting.

Employers should be aware that if employees are experiencing personal issues, either at home or in the workplace these things may affect the quality and nature of their work.

Human resources is also about recruiting the very best staff, training and indeed retaining them.

Branding Services

Even people with reading challenges and impaired sight recognize brands, whether it is a big burger chain or their favorite candy – you don't need to be a corporate giant to have professional branding.

Utilize these easy techniques in the promotion of your special brand

Now is the time for you to catch the eye of the world by producing something different- something  creative and unique to your business.

You might be tempted to tweak and alter another firm's logo, to make it your own brand, be aware  of the legal dangers of infringement of copyright related to borrowing or stealing from another firm's invention.

A quality professional brand will exhibit stability and reflect your professionalism, so don't borrow someone else's idea, or indeed use free clip art . Take time in the development procedure to create your brand and you will, in the fullness of time, accomplish the look  that you truly want. It is far better to invest sufficient time in the first place fine-tuning your design to achieve the desired result, rather than having to re-visit and adjust it after it has been displayed in  the public eye.

The main elements of  your brand includes  colors, mottoes, logos, slogans and tag lines.

It is important to test  your new branding on all the various mediums that you use to marketing your business. Test to see if if works on everything; including your promotional material, business cards, website, and other published items. The same is true for your packaging. Your brand ought to be come up on all of your products. .

Giveaways are a great way to get your corporate identity out to the public with various promotional products. Promotional gifts help your brand to saturate the consumer population by distributing  high value, yet low-cost, items. Promotional products promote possible buyers to bear in mind your brand and your gift every time they are utilized. Think about useful devices such as letter openers, flashlights, first aid kits, and CD cases. 

Brands are an exceedingly effective promoting tool. While working with your concept, think about the above to ensure the maturation of an effective brand.


Everybody reaches a point when good is just not enough, and the demand is to be great. It is times like these when a MAR-S360 executive coach is a must.

Deploying the skills of a coach isn't a sign of defeat or weakness, it is in fact a success.

Every single world class sportsmen uses a coach to enhance their results, world leaders have coaches to improve many skills,  with a MAR-S360 executive coach you can accelerate your career and propel yourself to becoming a top performer.

A MAR-S360 executive coach challenges not to be great just the once but to be constantly great, to continue to develop and keep raising the bar.

Today’s environment requires an executive to lead diverse and talented teams. The demands for high performance are often fast and furious, calling at a constant state,  relentless and difficult challenges constantly knocking at the door of any executive is difficult to respond and sustain.  Here at MAR-S360, we work with today’s leaders to build high-performance teams that can overcome diverse obstacles, navigate difficult economic conditions, and always advance.  When you work with one of MAR-S360 coaches, you’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way 360 STYLE.

Executive/Administrative Services
The key to any successful business is the engine room or back office where the administration keeps the wheels smoothly turning. M.A.R.S provides a vast range of day-to-day office administrative services, such as financial planning; billing and record-keeping; personnel etc.

We also ensure safe delivery of products and physical distribution as well as logistics, whether it be on a contract or fee basis for establishments that do not employ operating staff to carry out such operations.

MARS provide interim management services from holding the securities or financial assets of companies and enterprises for the purpose of temporary control and influencing their management decisions until such times as a new board is in place.

 We undertake the administering, overseeing, and management of other establishments within the company or enterprise (except government establishments).

Web-Hosting & Design

We provide a web hosting platform to you via a feature rich user-friendly Control Panel.

MAR-S360 works in association with LiquidNet Ltd., a UK-based company (Registration No. 4654498), which is a pioneer in developing innovative online solutions. Our joint network  accommodates more than 21,000 web hosting accounts and 53 000 domains.

We offer a one-stop web hosting solution, enabling you build a successful online presence.  By maintaining everything under the MAR-S360 roof, you save yourself a lot of headaches by hosting on our reliable and fast servers plus unbeatable 24/7 customer support.


The combination between quality web resources, multiple domain hosting and many supplementary useful features is available to you at a very reasonable cost.

Music Instruction ,Theory, Brass, Piano
MARS provide music tuition for employees in the workplace. You might think, and quite rightly that being taught to sing or play music doesn’t in itself resolve external challenges in the workplace,  however it may affect the way workers react to those challenges, leading to better decision-making and decreased susceptibility to physical tension and stress-induced illnesses.

Leadership and People Management

Leadership Development brings out the very best in your management team, and it brings out the best in others too. It is a significant part of the solutions to whatever problems your business may face.

You will gain “High Performance Leadership: From Control to Empowerment” We will teach you how to be an outstanding leader within your organization. The principles and practices you learn in this program are based upon observation and research from the foremost authorities in the field of leadership.

Strategy and Implementation

No business can avoid change, and with forced change comes face stiff challenges Changing demographics, new technologies, aggressive competition and sophisticated consumers demand that organizations either change the way they do business or face extinction.

Which direction do you plan to go?

A successful strategy will define the way your organization meets those challenges and forthcoming opportunities. By developing a planned set of conscious choices about how you will deliver value to your customers and distinguish yourself from your competitors, you may well avoid the inevitable forced changes.

Formulating a clear and compelling strategy is one of the most important tasks that leaders of an organization can accomplish. It is not something that would be nice to do when they have more time; it is essential to their survival.

We at MARS can help you develop a bespoke strategy to navigate your business through the forthcoming changes.
Business Management Skills

Running any type of business in today's economy,even more so now, as the Great Recession has levelled the playing field for so many companies, more than just forward-thinking by owners and managers is required rather than working tirelessly just to keep afloat.

Executives who master crucial management and leadership skills are better positioned to realize full value out of key employees and to steer business into the black.

Communication and Influence Skills
PERSUADING involves having the ability to convince others to take appropriate action. NEGOTIATING involves having the ability to discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

INFLUENCING encompasses both of these.

These skills are important in any business, especially areas such as marketing, sales, advertising and buying, but are also valuable in everyday life.
Video Marketing

Project Management
By it's very nature project management involves the co-ordination of any number of  processes for a specific project. This applies through all the basic principles groups of Concept, Selection, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Approval, Delivery, and Closing.

It is essential to use  these basic principles correctly to increase the performance of your project team and the ultimate success of the project in-hand, as well as enabling you to deploy the right people at the right time to address the right issues and make the right decisions.

Strategic Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions

In an ideal world strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions should be well develop mutually beneficial collaborative relationships, we advise any organization or indeed groups of organizations that are in the process of considering acquisition or merger to firstly go through the process of developing a strategic alliance, or indeed  a few alliances, with one another, this way you understand far greater, the core strengths, weakness, capabilities, and cultures of all organizations involved. By following this process, the road will be easier in developing a working knowledge of each other, the process will also help in identifying  which closets are hosting the skeletons that possess the company secrets, on a positive note, it will also expand the vision of possibilities. Let's be brutally honest, you deserve the partner you select; synergistic or antagonistic.

Sales Excellence
Financial Management
This is the management of funds and the capital resources of the business. These managers will  assess the risk and liabilities of existing investments or investments to be made. Financial management is important to the business to maintain the liquidity and cash flow within the business. With the greater liquidity afforded by financial management, businesses are better able to invest in assets such as new technology, acquire competitors and respond to financial shocks.

They may also be able to increase hiring with the liquidity afforded by financial management

Talent Management and HR

Talent Management is a HR processes geared to attract, develop, motivate, and more importantly retain productive, engaged and loyal employees. The main goal of talent management is quite simple, it is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.
IT Strategy

credit repair

In this world of data collection and information sharing, a business that has been able to sustain itself financially without the need to use any form of financial assistance whether it be credit card, overdraft, bank loan or indeed lease, could have a lower credit rating than a business in debt.





  One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself as a small to Medium business owner is to work with an MAR-S360 Business Consultant to help you set goals, create marketing plans, overcome obstacles, or improve key areas that need help.

MAR-S360 B2B Consulting/Coaching, A Business Consultant you can save you time, money and unnecessary stress  by helping you avoid costly mistakes. It can also give you the benefit of their past experience in their own business(e) as well as the share the knowledge they’ve learned by consulting other business owners like yourself.

Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc (MAR-S360) background is in membership-based business consulting. MAR-S360 has helped many of small and medium business owners over the last 12 years increase their sales and customer retention while keeping their expense in check.

 If MAR-S360 B2B or business consulting sounds like something that can help you, then the visit our site request your free consultation using the form provided.

Access or Membership Page and Sign up.. Great Resource  information and Cliente Access + More

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information. An MAR-S360 Consultant will reach you in 24hrs. or less.

Memorable Approach Reaching Success 360 Style

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Memorable Approach Reaching Success 360style
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B2B's the #1 one spot solutions services firm in South Florida.

MAR-S360’s plans are to Help sm/med Business grow to their full potential whatever the issue:

At Michael Angelo Rosario Solutions, Inc. ( MAR-S360) Businesses can discover how to quickly create a culture of effective communication, leadership, accountability and new business development strategies. Whether It's an individual in transition, a Small/Medium business with a handful of staff, or a corporate CEO with hundreds of employees, we have the solutions to help our clientele get from Point A to Point B 360 style with far greater ease than they may think. So,We'd like businesses to come and explore their possibilities. To, Experience all the options before you and discover for themselves all the ways that MAR-S360 can propel and out of solution obtain a resolution Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals for their organization’s resolve-360 

Become an Unbeatable Force Agains't Competetors

Memorable Approach Reaching Success-360 Style!!!

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